1979 280 ZX

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1979 280ZX

I’m asking $5000.  It is negotiable. 

Here are some shots of the car. (The pics were taken when I lived in FL) It is a 5-speed.  The color is called Midnight Orient Pearl Blue, it’s a BMW color.
The dashboard and interior are excellent, and the carpet is Rolls Royce carpeting.
I also had purchased a parts car before I left Florida, and took the quarter panels and other bits and pieces off of it, just to hang on to in case I ever needed them.  Those will come with the car.

It has 280K miles, and was in 2 accidents.  Both were back in the 80’s and the car was still driveable after both.  I had top notch body shops fix it and re-paint it.  It’s always had a custom paint job.  The last paint job was done I think 2002, just to get a new paint job.

I have a 280ZX cover that comes with it.  It has been my baby since I bought it, so I took care of it and maintained it so I could have fun at shows, or take it in parades. (She’s a fun car, and it breaks my heart to have to sell it, but I don’t have the means to care for it anymore) It has been sitting in garage storage, so the engine will obviously need work.

When the interior was redone, the guy made extra mats for me, including for the hatch area, so I could use the car, but keep it clean for shows.  (I had a dog, and he even made a hard-backed mat for her because the front floor isn’t flat, to give her a comfortable place to lay) (she was old).  I laid them on my Hyundai to get the pictures, and also a bra that will go with the car.  (Like I said, the cover will also go with the car)

You will see I have a panel inside the hatch that is missing, and I had to prop the hatch up – it wouldn’t stay up.  And I took a picture of a couple of the outside panels that I took off the parts car, these will go with the car. (They are brown)(there is more than those 2 panels from the parts car – that’s just all I got a picture of).

The car is currently in storage in Conway.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you,

Alexis Kopituk

[email protected]